Dilwale trailer was made for the right audience of the film. So if you liked the trailer you will love the film and if you did not like the trailer then Dilwale is the ultimate test of your patience. I have enjoyed previous Rohit Shetty’s fun filled film which were just timepass but Dilwale seems like now his films are done to death. No more typical Rohit Shetty’s films will be enjoyed.

Dilwale had too many things in it to pull audience to theatres but unfortunately those same things turn out to be biggest disappointment. Shahrukh Khan and Kajol coming together after a long time. As per the story they hate each other throughout the film just in the climax things become better. I am sure no one wants to see this evergreen couple hate each other. Gerua song comes at that point in the film when you are least interested in the film and the song just finishes without even making any impact. Humour in the film does not even make you smile but irritates you. Countable laugh out loud jokes but not the entire cinema hall laughs. Slapstick humor lovers may find the jokes in the film funny. Rohit Shetty’s trade mark; flying cars looked very monotonous in the film. Most important thing, as far as getting entertained was considered I wasn’t entertained even for a minute.

It was very prominent that Shahrukh Khan chose not to act. He looked very disinterested in the film. Being the hero of the film he wasn’t given enough importance. Forget performance he even lacked his special charm in this one. Kajol gave her one hundred percent as a performer but Dilwale was her wrong choice. She could have decided to impress her fans with something interesting and not this fizzle called Dilwale. Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon were looking for their next big hit film so they did this film. Surprisingly all other characters in the film were below average. Lastly, except Kajol everyone else was just overacting in the film.

Rohit Shetty just directed some scenes which he is good at and made Dilwale. Story of the film is on the lines of those stories which grandparents tell their grandchildren to make them sleep. Right from the beginning the film makes you curious that there is something and then some confusions happen and even before you reach interval you are highly disinterested in the film. Towards the end its all just happy ending but as the film progresses it becomes predictable. Music was pretty good but couldn’t save the film.

If you want to see Kajol on big screen please be patient and let her do one more film. If you want to watch Gerua watch it on YouTube in HD and save your money. Shahrukh fans wait till April for Fan so that you love him even more after that but if you watch this one definitely you will like him less. Rohit Shetty fans pray that he makes a better film next time and try something new. For all these reasons Dilwale can be easily missed. My rating is just for Kajol.

Rating: 1/5


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