Angry Indian Goddesses is bold, brave and powerful. Pan Nalin is successful in bringing his thoughts on screen. It is a story of Freida (Sarah Jane Dias) who invites her close friends at her place just to tell them that she is getting married. It’s a story of few days. What happens in those days is what Angry Indian Goddesses all about.

Angry Indian Goddesses talks about the frustration every single women in this country goes through on a daily basis, why is this country male dominated and why women are not even given a chance, flaws in our system and how protected is a common man. Film also tells how one women is the biggest enemy of another women, some regressive thinking of women of same age group from different backgrounds which questions are we all thinking bigger and moving towards making our country a better place to live. Why it is not okay to have marriage of two individuals with same gender, why it is always a women who has to visit a gynaecologist for not having a baby after several years of marriage, aren’t the men equally responsible. Why it takes years to settle a court case where a single women is fighting for justice, what is wrong with women roaming freely, wearing what they are comfortable with, but the police questions them about their appearance rather than helping them. Angry Indian Goddesses is all about this; packed with humor, drama, emotion and most importantly it is reflection of our own society.

The casting of the film is pitch perfect. Every single actor has owned that particular character. Sandhya Mridul shines among all of them. Remaining aspects of the film are very average, be it direction, background score, music, cinematography. They are easily forgiveable because the film has a grear impact. Editing was good enough, simple moments in the film yet powerful enough to grab your attention. Pan Nalin has made a path breaking cinema which deserves to be seen by all, most importantly by men who are not portrayed in bad light in the film but just to understand the other side i.e women.

Rating: 4/5


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