When Mumbai Pune Mumbai released in 2010 it took everyone by surprise because it was one of its kind film then and even today the film remains to be the same. Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 brought lots of expectations with it because of its successful prequel. Satish Rajwade has managed to retain the magic of the prequel but the magic gradually fades away. First half is thoroughly enjoyable as it’s just a continuation and you are still in love with that boy and girl from Mumbai Pune Mumbai whose names are Gautam and Gauri. There are amazing two families who are as amazing as Gautam and Gauri. Second half takes the ordinary route messing up everything. Typical wedding song and predictable screenplay messes up everything. The extraordinary climax also isn’t that impacting because of that.

Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve have owned the film. They are everything in the film. They make you remember the prequel and their never ending fights and debate about Mumbai v/s Pune are the highlight of the film. The supporting cast of the film is equally good especially Prashant Damle who shines out in the supporting cast. Satish Rajwade’s direction is very good but that magical spark is missing. Editing could have been better. Second half seems to be dragged and the duration of wedding celebrations would have been easily trimmed. Background score again reminds you of the prequel making the film more enjoyable.

Overall Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 is a decent watch. Film beautifully portrayed the contemporary take on relationship. Everyone will find themselves in Gautam and Gauri. The climax is just worth applauding teaching you many things. Extra points to Satish Rajwade for these small but brilliant things in the film.

Rating: 2.75/5


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