Thoongaavanam is undoubtedly the fastest 127 minutes of your life. Film is racy, action packed and hardly gives you any time to divert your mind to something else. From the very first frame you are hooked to your seat and into the film. You don’t realise the time at all. When it’s interval you think the film just started and second half is over within a blink. This is enough for you to imagine how gripping is the film.

Kamal Haasan needs no words of appreciation to describe his performance in any film. He is simply outstanding in Thoongaavanam. Prakash Raj was good like he is in any of his other films but here Kamal Haasan dominated the entire film. Trisha had very strong and tuff character. She was flawless in her action scene with Kamal Haasan. Rest of the cast fit the bill and performed their parts well. Rajesh Selva was good as a director. Action in the film was worth a special mention. Editing and background score were the major factors to make the film so interesting and enjoyable. Over and above everything what comes as a pleasant surprise is Kamal Haasan’s screenplay. One cannot ignore the fact that apart from acting and producing Thoongaavanam he has written the awesome screenplay of this film.

Overall Thoongaavanam is an edge of the seat thriller that is worth your time. Not a single dull moment. The only flaw in the film is that it is like any other good fast paced thriller. This one does not stand out from the others for some reasons. Still will recommend this one for Kamal Haasan and also for good entertainment. Watch Thoongaavanam and you won’t regret.

Rating: 3.5/5


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