He Named Me Malala is a documentary about this inspiring girl named Malala Yousafzai. Documentaries follow usual path as far as story telling or execution of the documentary is concerned. He Named Me Malala is no different, but what makes Malala’s documentary exceptional is Malala herself. Malala has almost become a household name after her Nobe Prize win. But before that what was Malala, is what He Named Me Malala all about.

One should appreciate Davis Guggenheim for selecting someone like Malala whose story needs to be known by every person living on this planet. An inspiring tale of a teenager who is mischievous, witty, fun loving, proud of herself, ambitious at a very young age and many more. He Named Me Malala will take you to through the heart warming journey of Malala. Malala is not special but someone like you and me. While watching the film you can easily connect with her and she easily becomes a part of your life for that 88 minutes. Her struggles, she being stubborn on certain issues, forward thinking of her father and herself makes He Named Me Malala a special documentary. You cry, laugh, fell sad, fell happy and learn many this from this teenager by the end of this film. Most importantly her life till now is a lesson to learned by one and all. Her courage to achieve goals not just for herself but for many like hers is just commendable.

Talking more about film will lead to revealing interesting facts about the documentary which is unfair. Would strongly recommend He Named Me Malala just for the fact that it is very important for all of us to know someone like Malala. Her life ahead will continue to be an inspiration. World needs more Malala’s so that it becomes a better place to live.

Rating: 4/5


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