Sachin Kundalkar seems to be on a roll post Happy Journey. Rajwade And Sons is just another step in his glorious direction career. He is on a journey to tell simplest stories that are heart warming and Rajwade And Sons is one such film by him.

Rajwade And Sons is a story of a rich Maharashtrian family based in Pune whose world is just the thirteen members long family. Film is a clear reflection of what every contemporary joint family goes through. Different opinions of every generation. How third generation finds it difficult to get along with their parents and grandparents. Why it takes someone like Vikram Rajwade; last member of second generation to make understand that there is a world outside of the Rajwade mansion. How the eldest son is crushed under his father’s expectations and forgets about his own space. Why it  becomes necessary for another Rajwade son to live life the way he wants to but hiding from his own parents. Even after wanting to do so much for the family the lady of the house has no importance in the house and no authority to say in important family matters. How the grandfather decides what his grandchildren should do without their consent. The typical patriarchal Rajwade family tells all of this with Rajwade And Sons.

Casting has been pitch perfect. Every single member from the cast suited the role especially the younger lot i.e the third generation. Sachin Kundalkar’s direction was simple and beautiful. Editing was just perfect. Film starts getting dragged at places but before it becomes boring the editor comes as a saviour. Music was limited which helped the film in remaining to the point. Thankfully there were no unnecessary songs. Special mention to the production design. The Rajwade’s residence was breathtakingly beautiful and the Rajwade mansion was typical.

Rajwade And Sons should be seen for its simplicity, because it is very easy to relate to and to find yourself somewhere in the film as some Rajwade. The film says there is nothing wrong in staying together but to be happy every person deserves to be free and has a right to have their personal space. No parents are bad but circumstances force them to become a bit harsh on their kids. I strongly recommend Rajwade And Sons.

Rating: 3.5/5


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