Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahin (KDABN) is all about second innings of life. The life that starts after your retirement. But KDABN is more like reviewing your past before you start your second innings.

Arun (Vikram Gokhale) and Vandana (Reema Lagoo) have completed thirty five years for their marriage. Their son has officially migrated to Singapore and daughter like always is like a support for them with her happy married life. KDABN is like the reflection of you and me. Every single situation in the play has been experienced by some and some will experience in their life. The play strongly portrays the mentality of a middle class Indian family. Woman always sacrifices everything for their family and always thinks she deserves better; unknown about the fact the man of the house has equally sacrificed for the happiness of the family. Justification of both the sides is crystal clear.There are many scenes in the play that provoke you to say “so true“. In fact eighty five percent of the play is all about such scenes. The remaining fifteen percent unfortunately does not live up to this eighty percent. The play disinterests you at times; when Reema Lagoo is missing for quite a long time. Play diverts a bit at places.

Vikram Gokhale and Reema Lagoo have flawlessly portrayed retired couple who are fed up still accept their lives the way it is and move on. Reema Lagoo is very typical throughout the play. Her character lacks various shades. Its one track but her performance is exceptional. Vikram Gokhale stands out in the entire cast. He has the majority of time on stage. He dances, gets angry, is romantic at times, stubborn etc. His character is like a complete package an actor would die for. The rest two characters have done their job well. Art direction was very ordinary. Costumes were authentic; typical Maharashtrian middle class family looked very real. Background score was ordinary. Shekhar Davlikar’s writing is phenomenal and Mangesh Kadam’s direction is very good.

Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahin has its pluses and minuses. The play struggled to make the audience have one opinion, but major chunk of the play is undoubtedly brilliant. Its motive of showing the reflection of everybody in the audience was successful but at places you yawn for a while. Slightly flawed but definitely worth a watch.

Rating: 3.25/5


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