Daagdi Chaawl is a Marathi version of some of the best gangster flicks in Bollywood. Chandrakant Kanse made Daagdi Chaawl at wrong time; as one has seen many film based on his topic. An innocent man enters the underworld due to some unavoidable circumstances and how his life changes blah blah and blah. Chandrakant Kanse tried his best to bring in surprises with ordinary twists and turns in the film but all efforts go waste. First half is just Ankush and Pooja’s love story while second half is all about Ankush as a part of underworld. Daagdi Chaawl is a repeat telecast of every single film that has plot or backdrop of underworld. When cops and local goons are there in the film, surprisingly there was not a single chase sequence in the film.

Ankush Choudhary was good in his part. Pooja Sawant was innocent. Makrand Deshpande was brilliant but lack of screen space for him fails to create desired impact. Songs were very average. Direction was very ordinary. Due to lack of chase sequences and enough fight sequences, the film seems very bland. Film does not engages you throughout. The good part is that it isn’t dragged.

Due to weak story and execution Daagdi Chaawl is a disappointing fare but is easily a Sunday noon watch on TV.

Rating: 2/5


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