There are good movies, there are bad movies and movies which do not fall in either of these categories are called as business proposals. Singh Is Bliing is a business proposal. Huge bet on Akshay Kumar’s fan following. Add actress who struggles to speak Hindi; only difference here is the actress has more action scenes than the actor. Top it up with forgettable music. Release it on a public holiday. Your sure shot profitable business proposal is ready.

Singh Is Bliing has nothing new. Very weak story/plot. The story starts but the makers forget the plot in between so they just add any random incidents in the film. Again they remember the plot in second half so they again concentrate on it. Film is very predictable and has silly humor. Definitely Singh IS Bliing is not entertaining. Only die hard Akshay Kumar fans can enjoy the film.

Akshay Kumar has proved himself as a star so talking about his performance is pointless. Amy Jackson conveys more with her hands and legs than her mouth. She has one expression throughout the film. It was a treat to watch Lara Dutta on big screen after a long time. Supporting cast was simple avoidable. Kay Kay Menon was outstanding in the film but apart from him no one knows the reason for him being a part of this awful film. Prabhudheva can make a good Bollywood film only if it is a remake of a successful South Indian film. With Action Jackson and Singh IS Bliing he proved it. The film was not made to make note of its other technical aspects so better ignore that part of the film.

Overall Singh Is Bliing is only for Akshay Kumar fans. It is made for that single screen audience for whom a film means a superstar, a foreigner heroine, slapstick humor and songs on which they can dance. If you are one of them please go ahead and watch Singh Is Bliing.

Rating: 1/5


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