It is always said; a coin has two sides and Talvar proves that saying. Like the films tagline says one murder, two theories everything in the film is shown with two different perspectives. Meghna Gulzar has excellently presented this murder case on screen. The story can be perceived in various ways and Meghna Gulzar has managed to bring them on screen. No one in the audience can point out why a particular scene is inappropriate. The film’s treatment is very sensible considering every possible consequence. Dialogue like “Opinions of both sides contradict like that of BJP and Congress” don’t sound offensive in the film.

Talvar is smartly executed, the director wins you by executing it like an open book or open case where everyone has a right to have their own opinion and it is not decided whether the opinion is right or wrong. Obviously the climax does not make you feel good but when the end credits start rolling you are happy to see some serious stuff like this. Talvar is a film that does not let you do anything apart from breathing while you are watching it.

Irrfan Khan rocked as always. Apart from him rest all the actors were superb. It would be unfair to name few of them and appreciate them. Editing of the film was pitch perfect. Background score was engaging enough. Direction was superb no need to explain it anymore. Apart from these rest all technical aspects were good.

Talvar is highly recommended. Lot of fiction is added to the real incident still the director has managed to maintain that balance between reality and cinema. This one is not to be missed.

Rating: 4/5


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