Katti Batti is somewhat like its title. Good in parts but very boring and tests patience at times. Nikhil Advani has come up with something which is good enough but have been previously made and seen by all. Katti Batti is strictly for those who can watch anything and everything about romance in movies. It is a typical film filled with sweet and bitter moments leading to a tragic yet happy ending.

Nikhil Advani managed to do something unique with Imran Khan’s performance. He was different and refreshing in the film. Still I would say this might be the opinion of everyone since Imran is back on big screen after a long time. Kangana Ranaut gives it a best shot in her every film; has become a universal truth. She is phenomenal as always. Nikhil Advani was very orrdinary as a director. Shankar Ehsaan Loy compositions were the highlight of the film. Lip to Lip de Kissiyan is innovatively picturised. Even though the repetitive flashbacks are nicely merged in the film editing could have been better. They keep you engaged majorly. The other technical aspects weren’t promising or prominent enough.

Overall Katti Batti is for romantic movie lovers. The film does ends on a good note and leave you with good feeling but at the end of the day such movies have been already made and audience has enjoyed them. One more romantic film on same lines and this particular types of films will be done to death.

Rating: 2/5


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