Subhash Ghai had an interesting story in 1983 which he beautifully portrayed on screen and named it Hero. Nikhil Advani has made a film with same story and thankfully apart from plot everything else was tweaked to make the film look contemporary. Advani wasn’t completely successful but he does manage to leave his audience happy.

Clueless whom to give credit for introducing Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty. Be it Salman Khan or Nikhil Advani they have managed to give the best newcomers to Bollywood. Both have performed exceptionally. Their performances look like some established stars. Impressive debut by both of them. The supporting cast was good enough but the protagonists overshadowed everybody else with their performances.

Music of the film was good. Album is melodious and all songs look good in the film and good to hear as well. Editing in the first half was very bad making the film almost a bore but second half was engaging enough. Background score was decent. Cinematography was good especially the outdoors were captured beautifully. Direction was very average. Fight sequences were worth a watch.

Overall Hero does not create the spark like the original one. First half of the film is poor with weak editing and mediocre screenplay. Although Sooraj and Athiya’s performance make an unsuccessful attempt to save the first half. Second half is entertaining and assures you that your money is not wasted. One Time Watch.

Rating: 2/5


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