Umesh Kulkarni has come up with a very simple story; all about experiences of human beings like you and me who are same yet different from one another. Story is simple but not something that will appeal to everyone. Highway is a typical festival film which will be thoroughly enjoyed by the festival audience but will struggle to make its way to the masses hearts. Highway is an experience in itself where you are on a journey and your co passengers (the actors) are sharing their experiences with you.

Highway is about the following; through the following people:
Girish Kulkarni shows us that NRI for whom work becomes everything and family no more matters to him due to the circumstances
Renuka Shahane is that housewife who accepts her husband the way he is and also teaches Girish that every human can be likeable provided we accept them the way they are
Huma Qureshi shows us that hidden dark world behind the glamorous life of any celebrity
Mukta Barve portrays the human side of a prostitute which no one wants to see
Sunil Barve depicts a common man struggling between the corporate competition and his personal life
Tisca Chopra is a high society woman who tells us about their needs outside marriage
A father who loves for his son so much that on missong the bus he runs behind it just to be with his deaf son
Nagraj Manjule is an ordinary kidnapper
Kishor Kadam is a failure as a husband whose wife is fed up with him and does not care if the world thinks she is mean where as it’s the other way round
Also there is a simple middle class family who is shifting it’s base to Satara from Mumbai

I hope I haven’t missed any of the story. All these people are on their way to Pune and the logistically difficult to shoot last 15 20 minutes for a film is what Highway all about. Highway may seem an uninteresting story but the characters aren’t; in fact the entire film survives because of all these characters who are funny, sentimental, emotional, shameless, lazy, careless, introvert, inhuman but most importantly all of them are real.

Umesh Kulkarni sensed his audiences and presented the film in their vision. His direction is superb. Performances are flawless. There are 39 main characters each one better than the other. Girish Kulkarni, Mukta Barve and Huma Qureshi shine in their performance only because we have never seen them doing something like this. Editing is perfect. Background score is awesome. Cinematography is good.

In short Highway is an unadulterated cinematic version of people around us. Umesh Kulkarni has shown us the world we live in but never see it. All these people are around us just that we are busy with our own life ignoring the rest. I strongly recommend this one with an advice that this one is strictly for the classes.

Rating: 5/5
As I couldn’t find any flaw in the film.


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