Terrorism and numerous filmy and fictitious ways to end terrorism. Bollywood has made enough films on this subject and like always the feel good climax leaves audience smiling. Phantom is just an addition to the long list of these films.

Kabir Khan has made an engrossing film with Phantom. The film is so engrossing that from the word go till the end credits roll there isn’t a dull moment. Film is confusing at times has many flashbacks and leaves you with questions. Yet Phantom makes sure you are entertained every single second. The execution of the film is flawless and that makes Phantom must watch being like many others.

Saif Ali Khan does his part well. There is no hope from Katrina Kaif performing bearable. The actor who steals the limelight is Zeeshan Ayyub. Even though he has limited screen space his presence is felt throughout the film. The remaining character actors are perfectly casted. Each one is simply outstanding in their respective parts.

Pritam’s compositions are decent, as the film itself is so gripping that songs don’t matter much. No dance number in a Katrina Kaif film is a rare occasion and Phantom is that rare occasion. Cinematography is superb. Considering quite a few portions of the film were shot in set; production design of the film is amazing. Editing of the film is pitch perfect.

Already many films are made on this subject yet Phantom deserves to be seen by all of us. It is fast paced filled with action and thoroughly entertaining. I recommend this one.

Rating: 2.75/5


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