A simple rather very simple story made interesting to see and know by Ketan Mehta. Manjhi – The Mountain Man is a story of Dashrath Manjhi who craved a path through a mountain. Manhji could have been be repetitive but it is Ketan Mehta’s execution that makes Manjhi worth a watch. Film highlights many other things about our nation apart from telling the story of the mountain man.

Manjhi is not only about Nawazuddin breaking the mountain but also about his love for his wife which makes him take this decision, his fatherhood, his dedication to complete his mission. Manjhi is inspiring and motivating. Every single person who will know him after watching this film will do nothing just praise and respect this amazing human being. All credit for this goes to Ketan Mehta.

Any adjective to describe Nawazuddin Siddhiqui’s performance would be an understatement. He has put in his heart and soul to portray a convincing Dashrath Manjhi. After Manjhi, any poster having Nawazuddin in it will pull audiences to theaters. Radhika Apte has always been a great performer and this one was no exception. The remaining cast in small, big roles are perfect to the T. Ketan Mehta, the captain of the ship; falling short of words to praise him. Editing was very good, flash backs are beautifully incorporated and the narrative is simply superb. VFX is not high end but just beautiful and non complaining. Film has quite a lot of so called filmy drama but its very subtle retaining the essence of the story.

Overall Manjhi – The Mountain Man is worth your time and money. You will get to know an inspiring tale of love. This one cannot be missed. Highly recommended.

Rating: 3.5/5


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