The film has a good story at least on paper but when the time came to convert this story into a film it turned out to be a boring film.

All Is Well starts with Abhishek Bachchan as a singer, singing in concerts which no person on this planet could imagine him doing that. Rishi Kapoor is doing what he does best, plays a not so good father. Supriya Pathak is wasted as she hardly speaks in the film. Asin is easily goes unnoticed. First mistake; wrong casting.

Umesh Shukla who intend to deliver a clean family drama ends up making an uninteresting film with a very poor screenplay testing audience’s patience. Film is very predictable from start to end. Second mistake; wrong director.

All Is Well does not waste time by dragging events yet is flat paced and no major twists and turns makes you wait for the climax so that you can leave the cinema hall. Music of the film is very weak and highly unimpressive. Third mistake; weak editing and music.

Overall All Is Well is worth a miss. Film has nothing worth appreciating. Not at all recommended. In fact would advice to stay as far away as possible from this one.

Rating: 1/5


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