Everyone dreams about something, some try to make the dream come true, they fail and then again try. Double Seat is a simple story of a middle class Mumbai based Maharashtrian family who dreams in their limit and their struggle to fulfill that dream.

Kshitij Patwardhan and Sameer Vidwans deserve all the due credit for coming up with simple story and most importantly Sameer vidwans to execute it so beautifully, filled every possible emotion. Double Seat will one sidedly will make you fall in love with its story first, then the performances and lastly the music. In short it is a complete entertainment package.

Ankush Chaudhary fits the bill but it is Mukta Barve who has nailed it with her performance. She impresses you with her act be it saying her lines or her mannerisms or just an expression of half a second. One of her best performance of her career. Accompanying her in delivering superb performance is Vandana Gupte. She is versatile actor so her such good performance shouldn’t come as a surprise. Remaining supporting cast is simply good.

Sameer Vidwans is outstanding as a director. Realistic humor and emotional scenes are plus point of the film. Film is very well edited, perfectly paced and engaging throughout. Music of the film is melodious and a must add to your collection album.

Overall Double Seat is a must watch. This is something which everyone will not just like but love it. Gone for this one with some expectations and the film definitely lived up to it.

Rating: 3.5/5


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