Official Hollywood remakes comes with a hell lot of expectations, but only for Hollywood film lovers who do nothing apart from cursing Bollywood. Haven’t seen Warrior so I will talk only about Brothers. Karan Malhotra seems to have decided to master the art of remaking successful films. Brothers seems like his forte especially after Agneepath. Brothers has high voltage drama, loads of emotions and power packed action. Film has a pretty slow first half which does nothing but just shows the life and the past of the protagonists. Second half is just training for mix martial arts and the matches. In midst of all this Brothers keeps you glued to your seats for its very good performances from entire cast and outstanding background score. Precisely Brothers is not bad at all.

Akshay Kumar delivers a serious performance stunning all of us. So does Siddharth Malhotra. Both of them brilliantly portray the anger, hatred, grudge against each other. Jackie Shroff convincingly plays a drunkard husband and a regretful father. Jacqueline Fernandez looks good and sometimes even performs decent. Shefali Shah is the scene stealer who shines in her limited screen presence. Karan Malhotra played safe with his direction. Akiv Ali as always never disappoints by his edit. Action sequences are something new in Bollywood as it all looks very professional in the film. The best thing about the film are Ajay and Atul. Their compositions and background score makes Brothers worth a watch.

People who like anything and everything related to fighting will love the film. Film is a good blend of emotions and action. Brothers can be watched once for decent entertainment.



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