Even after watching this film in Telugu and Tamil I thoroughly enjoyed Drishyam in Hindi. Drishyam is one of those rare films which has a universal appeal and can be enjoyed by audience across the globe. This is that one rare movie which should be made in as many languages as possible and not because it leaves you with some message or preach something towards the end but the quality entertainment it provides is non explainable. Not a single moment that distracts you. First half is just introducing characters and establishing the plot to make you all set for a roller coaster ride in second half. Suspense is revealed few seconds before the end credits start rolling. You are on your toes till then.

Avinash Arun, Ajay Devgn and Tabu are the main reasons for Drishyam being such a good film. First time I saw the Telugu version and I was convinced no other actor than Ajay can do justice to this role. His acting calibre and his unique ability of expressing through eyes makes him deliver an applaud worthy performance. Tabu like always killed it with her superb act and yes the best IG performance in all the versions I saw till now. There is no match for Tabu in Bollywood. Surprise package in the film was Rajat Kapoor and Shriya Saran. Rajat being a talent powerhouse just shines in his limited appearance especially the climax scene. Shriya owns the character and makes you imagine no other in her place. Such was her performance with great conviction. Avinash Arun captured eye pleasing shots making every frame look beautiful. After Killa and Masaan, with Drishyam he proves he is the master of that art. Rest all from director Nishikant Kamat to editor to dialogue and screenplay writer had no such big task as such as this one was remake and nothing much can be tweaked as it would lead to spoiling entire  film. Vishal Bhardwaj’s compositions are simply good. The film had no importance for music and thankfully no songs are forced into the film.

Without any second thoughts Drishyam is one of those films which cannot be missed. Will be enjoyed by each and everyone. If you can’t watch it in theatres watch it on DVD if not on that than satellite but make it a point that you watch this film before your last breath. Absolutely recommended.

Rating: 3.5/5


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