Bioscope is Four Directors, Four Poems as four short films, one feature film. Every single film is a masterpiece. You have a lump in your throat by the end of every single film. The plot of all the films were limited to a short film not making them look like these stories would been better in a full length feature film. Reviewing the films in order of my most favorite:

Viju Mane’s this short film stands out form the rest because of it’s outstanding story and it’s execution. Revealing the story will be unfair to the film. The best part of this story id that everyone would relate to this story irrespective of these incidents happened with you or not. Kushal Badrike and Spruha Joshi’s to notch performance take this film to an altogether different level. Undoubtedly this is the one story which will stay with you with a greater impact once you leave the cinemas. Best of the lot.

Simple and straightforward story, its Ravi Jadhav’s direction, pre-independance backdrop and film being shot in black and white makes this film special and deserves the second best spot. Veena Jamkar’s bold performance is applaud worthy. Storytelling of this story is unique in its own way. It’s Ravi Jadhav and Veena Jamkar who makes this film what it is.

Gajendra Ahire’s take on what happens once the famous artists starts aging. Neena Kulkarni shines in her performance. The film starts with this story and sets a perfect mood for the next two hours. This story gives out a brilliant message by the end of it. Even though majority of the film is shot in one room its production design and performances just keeps you entertained.

That story which will be liked least by everyone; reason being some good film made on this particular subject. This one deals with farmers suicide. Gabhricha Paus and Jhing Chik Jhing were milestones in this subject. The one thing that differentiates Bail from other films on same topic is that, this one is from a bull’s point of view. Its performances of Mangesh Desai and Smita Tambe that makes this story entertaining.

Overall Bioscope is a great watch. Something that is not made on a regular basis in Marathi cinema. Try and not miss this one. Gulzar’s poetry in the opening credit deserves a special mention. Bioscope is strongly recommended.

Rating: 3.5/5


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