Don Special ; saw a play after a long time and fell in love with it. The play is nothing less than a sheer brilliance from start to end. The curtains open and you are taken aback by the stunning/ flawless set. So much detailing that nothing less than a late 80’s news organization. The set takes you back in time giving you some time to appreciate it, by showing just the daily atmosphere of a news organization.

Jitendra Joshi enters 3 – 5 minutes after the curtain opens and blows your mind with his stunning act of interviewing Rohit Haldikar in his own style. He just proves his versatility as an actor. He blew our minds with his performances in movies and he is leaving no stone unturned by presenting such a powerful act. Girija Oak debuts in Marathi theater like this role was written for her and no other actor would do justice to this part. Her emotional scene where she shares her Mumbai experience will give you goosebumps. Rohit Haldikar plays his parts perfectly. Kshitij Patwardhan, captain of this ship deserves double thumbs up for taking the audience back in time, forecasting of news organization then which has become true today. (the line from the play “day will come when readers will find news somewhere between the advertisements” is the current situation of newspapers.) His execution is superb. The scenes between Jitendra Joshi and Girija Oak are nothing less than perfect. Their chemistry as ex-lovers and their tedious situation have been enacted excellently. Special mention to background score. Whenever a character takes you in flashback the background score that plays is that in flashback making you visualize what the character is saying. Also good selection of songs when theater becomes pitch dark for set to change or actors to change their positions.

Don Special needs to be watched for obviously great performances by Jitendra Joshi and Girija Oak, Kshitij Patwardhan’s story and Pradeep Mulaye’s set designing. Strongly recommend this play.

Rating: 4/5


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