I saw Killa last year at Mumbai Film Festival. If I am not wrong this was the only film that year which had third screening on public demand whereas others had just two. At the end of the film I was questioning how can a film with such a simple story have so strong impact.

Killa is story of Chinmay (Archit Deodhar) who struggles to make himself familiar to a new place because of his mother’s (Amruta Subhash) transfer. Simple story of this boy’s experience in this new place. Killa puts light on some serious issues like how an honest government employee can’t survive at one place for more time due to their honesty. Why it is important to have a good friend circle in school and not all naughty kids are a bad company.

Avinash Arun who made this film out of his own experiences has made nothing less than a masterpiece. Film is visually stunning, its flawless cinematography makes every single shot a portrait. The brilliant visuals of the film makes Killa a winner in itself.

Performance wise Archit Deodhar and Parth Bhalerao has killed it. Along with them the entire kids gang is superb in the film. Amruta Subhash, like every time does not fail to impress you by her strong act. The supporting cast who comes in for a scene or two are perfectly cast.

Killa needs to be seen for its lovely cinematography and it is thoroughly entertaining as well. It entertains you with its beauty not with typical fights, song and dance. Avinash Arun has nailed it with Killa. Not a single reason for this film to be missed. Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5


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