No prizes for guessing, ABCD-2 starts and ends with dance. Good part about the film is dance, and everything else is bad about the film. Strong point of Remo D’Souza i.e dance and the effort that is put in to make the dances in the film look different can be clearly seen. No doubt the dance sequences in the film are something to die for but film fails in everything else.

Performances were nothing great, very mediocre. Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor practiced hard to dance and have just danced in the film. As far as normal scenes were concerned both of them were just sweet, not impressive. Same goes to Prabhudeva, his performance was not at all good and he had just one proper dance in the film.

Remo D’Souza excelled as a choreographer in the film but failed to impress as a director. The story lacked the spark to make this film different in this so called dance genre. Every film in this particular genre will look similar if no effort is made by the makers to make their film stand out from the others. One struggling dance group makes it big international, same old story.

Music was completely avoidable because of the dance. Every single song in the film is jaw-dropping. Choreography was outstanding and one love song was visually amazing because of the locations. Editing could have been better. Prabhudeva’s family track and Lauren’s introduction song could have been easily edited.

Overall ABCD-2 is that film which can be watched just for fun, time-pass. Dance lovers cannot afford to miss this film. Like dance watch it, don’t like dance don’t watch it, as simple as that. Overall the film was average but dance was outstanding.

Rating: 2.25/5


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