Aga Bai Arrechyaa 2 lacks everything that’s there in a good film. Weak storyline, poor screenplay, bad editing and mediocre music makes Aga Bai Arrechyaa 2 a totally avoidable film. The only saving grace of the film is Sonali Kulkarni. Her performance makes the film slightly interesting. She is a delight to watch in such a bindhaast role. Kudos to Sonali Kulkarni.

Aga Bai Arrechyaa 2 signals of losing charm of Kedhar Shinde. He might be good as a play director but his movie direction is definitely missing that spark. This film is not at all his style of film making. Fun, drama, emotion and most importantly humor is missing in the film. Barely few comic scenes in the film. Bharat Jadhav and Prasad Oak’s presence in the film is sheer waste of time. Kedhar’s weak direction needs to be held responsible for the movie turning out to be so poor. The concept of Shubha’s (Sonali Kulkarni) touch being jinxed is perfectly fine but this good concept was not at all executed properly. The first part had everything that a good entertainer had but unfortunately this one one is simply unimpressive.

Aga Bai Arrechyaa 2 is good only because of Sonali Kulkarni. She saves this film from becoming a boredom but overall this one is just unimpressive and uninteresting. Watch it for Sonali Kulkarni but this can be done when the film is premiered on satellite. Not recommended. Rating is just for Sonali Kulkarni.

Rating: 1.5/5


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