Bombay Velvet is simply an average film which has been overhyped ever since it was announced. No doubt there are some very good things in the film considering it is an Anurag Kashyap film. Sadly Bombay Velvet lacks those fire works which audience generally enjoys in his film. Would be wrong to say Bombay Velvet as the weakest work of Kashyab but this one definitely does not match up his best work either.

Bombay Velvet needs to be seen for its technical detailing in terms of recreation of Bombay of 60’s and taking the audience back in time. The production design is outstanding and everything right from costumes to sets is flawless. Even the lighting of the film is done as per 60’s. Performances are simply superb. Ranbir Kapoor is become a master in giving his best in every single shot. Henceforth a good performance from him should come as no surprise. Anushka Sharma has given one of her finest performance. Her scenes where she sings are outstanding. Karan Johar has performed well but his acting seemed as if it was a cakewalk for him. Supporting cast was brilliant especially Satyadeep Mishra. Good to see Raveena Tandon in a tiny appearance. More than music the background score of the film is the plus point of the film. Songs sound monotonous but are well placed in the film. Background score keeps you hooked throughout the film. Both the editors of the film have made the film gripping enough and tried not to make it a bore.

Bombay Velvet starts off very well, first half nicely engages you and makes you all set for the second half. Second half sadly turns out to be predictable and uninteresting at times. Bombay Velvet has too many good things in it which works in favour of the film but those few not so good things overshadow everything making this one an average fare. The climax of the film is very bland spoiling the entire film for you. Anurag Kashyap has made a genuine effort of making something very commercial but succeeds partially. Must watch if you are a Kashyap fan for his style of filmmaking and if not then watch it for his efforts because there is no other Bollywood film this weekend.

Rating: 2.5/5


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