Shonali Bose’s Margarita With A Straw works for many reasons and at the same time fails for many reasons. Works big time because content wise Shonali Bose has attempted to make something very bold which was never seen before in Hindi films. Kalki Koechlin has given her best performance of her career. Revathy was equally good and rest other characters in the film. Special mention to Sayani Gupta who has given such power packed performance. Obviously Shonali Bose’s direction is one major reason for film being so good. One major reason for film being good is; it emotionally connects with you. Shonali Bose has struck a right chord as far as emotional quotient of audience is concerned.

Film fails because not everyone will like film. There are chances that a pure cinema lover might not like it. Entertainment wise the film is on a weaker side. There is pretty good music which goes with the film but for sure not likeable. At times the pace of the film becomes slow especially first half of the film. It is difficult to explain but the film gives you a feeling of something lacking in it.

Would say watch Margarita With A Straw for Shonali Bose’s brave attempt and Kalki Koechlins’s stunning performance.

Rating: 2.75/5


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