First thought that came to my mind after watching O Kadhal Kanmani was such a beautiful and fresh film. The film leaves a nice bright smile on your face when you exit the theatre.

Mani Ratnam got it right in recognising the likes of his audience. O Kadhal Kanmani is very relevant to today’s young generation especially the ones on the verge of getting married. Every single viewer will find themselves in O Kadhal Kanmani as something or the other; lover, friend, sibling, relative, parent etc.

O Kadhal Kanmani is story of two beautiful people who fall in love but on condition of giving enough space to each other without interfering in each others live. Both of them equally love each other along with enjoying their personal space. Unlike other filmy love stories where problem arises once both the people in relationship start taking each other for granted.

Dulquer Salmaan is outstanding in the film. He has performed exceptionally well in the film. Every girl will fall in love with him and would desire for Adi in their life. Super impressive performance. Personally I did not like Nithya Menon in the film but she was good in some scenes. Her performance made me feel someone else could have done a better job. Prakash Raj leaves you speechless and Leela Samson is simply good.

Mani Ratnam’s direction is applaud worthy because very freshly he presented this romantic story. He manages to strike a wonderful balance between definition of love for today’s generation and older generation. When the album released I found A.R.Rahman’s music to be very mediocre but now I am in love with every single song of the film.

Cinematography needs a special mention as Mumbai is beautifully captured. Can’t remember when last I saw Mumbai so beautiful in films. Some shots looked nothing less than a portrait. Editing was superb making the film perfect and all set to enjoy.

I highly recommend O Kadhal Kanmani for Mani Ratnam, Dulquer Salmaan and the romance in the film. A refreshing love story after a long time.

Rating: 3/5



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