Expectations were high from Kaakan because of its promising trailers but Kaakan was strictly mediocre. Film had equal amount of good and not so good things in it. Somewhere the film seemed to be divided into two parts.

First and good part about the film is the love story of Kisu (Jitendra Joshi) and Sudhamati (Urmila Kothare). The best part of the film was this beautiful emotional love story that looked exceptional because of outstanding performances of the main protagonists. Urmila Kothare was superb in the film and given more chances she will prove to be the best performer in the Marathi industry. Jitendra Joshi was spectacular, since we have always seen him perform so well this one does not come as a surprise. These two overshadow everybody else in the film. The child artist was good enough but not too impressive. At times the background score of the film takes some scenes to a different level.

Second and not so good part about the film was everything apart from the love story. When the love angle is sidetracked you are least interested in the film. Though second half makes you curious it is least interesting as the couple is not together. Moreover it looks like some repeated concept in a romantic film of every other language. Kranti Redkar’s direction can also be counted as a not so good thing about the film as it was not at all exceptional. Managed to get brilliant performances from her actors but failed to execute it differently making it like any other love story.

Kaakan needs to be watched for Jitendra Joshi and Urmila Kothare. No other reason to watch this film.

Rating: 2.25/5


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