Hunterrr; in the genre of sex comedy is not all about lots of skin show rather cleavage show or double meaning dialogues or looking at women in a dirty manner. Harshvardhan Kulkarni attempts to make a sex comedy which revolves around sex but very differently. Harshvardhan wanted to make a so called hatke film with Hunterrr but unfortunately the film turns out to be just a good idea with weak execution.

Hunterrr has many problems; film just shows Mandar (Gulshan Devaiah) as a person who is greedy for sex and throughout the film he just flirts with different ladies and at time with more than one at same time. Film just has a different concept in the genre but lack of creativity in screenplay makes it repetitive making you feel this one forty minutes film too long.

Gulshan Devaiah has grabed this opportunity to prove himself as an actor and make his mark in the industry. The characterisation was not great yet Gulshan performs exceptionally well creating a impact. Radhika Gupte shines in her performance. If it was not Gulshan in the lead she would have killed everyone with her act in this one. Sai Tamhankar was very good but if she had more scope she would have been better. Rest all performances were equally good. Music was appropriate as per the theme of the film. Editing can’t be blamed for the slow pace of the film as there was no spark in the screenplay.

The humour in Hunterrr is commendable especially some dialogues but when we talk about women safety a sequence showing teenagers purposely touching a women inappropriately is not funny, a gentleman doing a vulgar dance on his anniversary in front of guests, his wife and kid and eventually tearing his kids clothes along with his own is not at all funny. Along with this some scenes that will make you question the film do not spoil the entertainment quotient of the film.

Hunterrr having its share of both general and technical flaws is worth a watch. I recommend this one with the hope of seeing some more good cinema in near future of Hindi cinema. A genuine attempt to do anything new which is not bad at all should always be given its due by noticing it.

Rating: 2.5/5


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