Badmashiyaan is very confusing in every single aspect. The story of the film is very complicated so it automatically confuses audience. The makers were confused while making the film about what exactly they want to deliver to the audience so the film lies somewhere in between good and bad.

Good because; the film has very decent performances which saves you from boredom. Casting of the film is perfect to the T. Difficult to find more good things about the film.

Bad because; the film tests you patience by revisiting same incidents in the film too many times. By doing so Amit Khanna tries to make it simple but fails because it is difficult to keep a track of so many things going around at the same time. Music is way below average. Film looked like some project of a film making student and by giving it a better treatment it looked like a proper Bollywood feature film.

Badmashiyaan is like a fictional television serial based on today’s young generation where life is nothing but just fun like the tagline of the film says fun never ends. If you like such serials on Channel V or MTV or Bindaas you can watch this one just for time-pass.



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