Baji looked more like a flop business proposal rather than a good film. Film has nothing that goes in its favor. The story is uninteresting, unimpressive and predictable. When you see films like Rege, Balak Palak, Court, Killa, Deool and many more, something like Baji deserves to go unnoticed.

One can see the amount of money spent on the film because of the special effects in the film, climax action sequence and first of its kind direction in Marathi cinema as there were few shots taken from copter. No stone was left unturned to give the film the required treatment. But nothing works if the story of the film is bad.

Performances in the film were saving grace because it had talented Jitendra Joshi whose every performance is nothing less than perfect. Shreyas Talpade gets chance to play three different people and he genuinely performed well. Amruta Khanwilkar was just being herself in the film. Music of the film was very outdated.

Film is very slow paced. It takes an hour for story to move little ahead and another forty minutes to offer something new to the audience. Have never come across a Marathi film which is close to three hours except this one. Nikhil Mahajan should have realized novelty and creativity is accepted in films. Marathi films are known for it’s unique concepts. A popcorn fare in Marathi will always struggle to find audience.

Baji is old wine in unfortunately old bottle. Film fails to impress you even for a second. After few minutes in the film one just waits for it to get over and the wait is one seventy minutes long. This one is not at all recommended.

Rating: 1/5


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