Khamoshiyan is an ordinary horror fare with zero innovation in this genre. Film is same old stuff from Vishesh Films where same old story is told by casting newcomers. Tried and tested formula which have worked at times but not this time.

Khamoshiyan has few pluses like; film is scary wherever required. Film has good amount of horror. It is also very engaging in bits and parts. But its major drawback; lack of innovation overshadows all the positive things in the film. Storyline is predictable, performances not up to the mark, average music makes Khamoshiyan an avoidable fare.

Ali Fazal has managed to do a decent job. Sapna Pabbi is sort of disappointment, especially after seeing her in TV series 24. She has given same expressions and her style of dialogue delivery is same throughout the film. She could have done better than this. Gurmeet Choudhary has an extended cameo in the film. He comes in the second half and has limited screen space.

Karan Darra had no originality in his direction nor there was anything novel in the script of Bhatt’s. Music of the film just better the mood of the audience but film does not have any great memorable song. Background score was like any other horror film.

Khamoshiyan can be easily skipped. Only if you love watching Bollywood horror films, you can watch this one just once as a timepass.

Rating: 1.5/5


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