Alone has created a new genre in Bollywood called Bipasha Basu. In recent past the actress has been doing same kind of films, same roles in it and same acting with same expressions and dialog. Alone was doing nothing for Bipasha Basu because that’s totally her.

Alone is same old tried and tested horror story in Bollywood. Film has actors flying in air by ghosts punches, getting dragged, tantriks and same ugly faced ghost who is fair skinned with black marks on it and white eyes. Alone is not scary because everything scary in it has been shown in promos so only two scary scenes which were under wraps.

Alone is predictable except climax which is confusing, silly and most importantly the film is boring. Film is repetition of events throughout. Everything happens at night so you have to wait for day to end in the film.

Alone fails to engage audience because its direction is weak, story is poor, editing is bad, background score is ordinary so cannot be appreciated. Film has nothing worth liking in it. Considering Karan Singh Grover’s TV career he was decent in the film and his fans can watch it once just because its his debut.

Alone can be easily missed. Definitely not worth your time and money. The expectations one had from this film from its trailer will leave everyone disappointed.

Rating: 0.5/5


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