Shankar is always known for bringing something unimaginative onscreen, be it Robot, Aparachit, Sivaji etc. I is nothing different but this time Shankar fails to reach his mark of excellence. I was not suppose to be film which gives a strong message or showed some darker side of society, its just entertainment for the audience by showing them something different and first of its kind. I had a very simple story presented differently. Shankar’s vision and Vikram’s performance make this film worth a watch. Vikram as usual is brilliant. Though he had to look ugly he gives it his best shot. Remaining cast was nothing but simply decent. Its Vikram who overshadowed everyone. Many places film fails to keep you engaged, after a point story becomes very predictable even though till interval Shankar manages to keep his audience curious. Its Shankar so the film has to be visually appealing else it is not his film. Film has some breathtaking action sequences. Most of the time film is beating around the bush instead of story moving ahead,  mostly the first half. Length has never been a concern for south indian films and this is no different.

I has quite a few things that works against the film but last forty five makes it up for everything. For many I is same old Shankar style of filmmaking but his effort to come up with something new every time cannot be overlooked. Rahman’s compositions are good breather in the film. Vikram and Shankar make I a decent film. Watch this one for the actor director combo and to appreciate the effort taken on make up of Vikram. That is something unavoidable and worth praising. Give this one a try. Look forward for something better from Shankar in his next.

Rating: 2.75/5


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