Classmates; as the name and trailers suggested the film is about a bunch of college students and how they enjoyed their college life.

Kshitij Patwardhan beautifully managed to write something that encompasses every single phase of a college going kid and Aditya Sarpotdar managed to bring it on screen filled with various emotions.

Film has everything; friendship, romance, love triangle in that, college politics, family etc. Film starts beautifully making you think and question it which is answered throughout the film.

Classmates starts with friendship moves on to romance then plenty time is spent on politics making the film look like a political film amd ends happily with sweet bitter emotions with everyone.

Aditya Sarpotdar excelled in his direction and every single actor’s performance is simply outstanding. Hats off to Aditya Sarpotdar’s beautiful execution of something which looks great on paper. The script of Classmates will definitely make a good novel.

The film wins for its stunning background score which is whole and sole of the film and makes every single scene heartwarming, Aditya’s direction that will make everyone remember their college days and the film is easily relatable. Everyone will find themselves somewhere in the film.

Music of the film is refreshing. Editing could have been better, some few seconds scene which has nothing but actor’s exchanging looks spoils the film for those few seconds.

My major concern with the film is; college politics is always not very important that it changes everything in one’s college life. Politics track in the film is given most importance which was unnecessary. Too much of politics in the film was a bit let down.

Towards the end you have a smile on your face after watching Classmates. Feel good, entertaining film that is a perfect watch for a weekend.

Recommend this one for it’s beautiful script, director’s wonderful vision to bring it on screen, all the performances, refreshing music and overall its an emotionally beautiful film.

Rating: 2.75/5
Less of politics in the film would have resulted to better ratings.


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