Tevar is Amit Sharms’s decent and genuine attempt to make a typical commercial Bollywood film tad differently. He succeeds in his mission to a huge extent but not completely. Tevar has all the ingredients a commercial Bollywood film should have and largely entertains you. First half of the film is loaded with action and drama. Problem of Tevar is it’s dragging second half and poor climax. First half is brilliantly written and thoroughly entertaining. Arjun Kapoor and Manoj Bajpayee are exceptional in their parts. Arjun Kapoor is in usual rural brat avatar but his performance sees a huge improvisation. Manoj Bajpayee given a new definition to a romantic hero with his superlative at. Sonakshi Sinha has limited part but surprisingly performs well. All credit for good performances should got o Amit Sharma. His direction is noteworthy and looks promising. Background score of the film is majorly responsible for making the film engaging. Music of the film is decent and songs are rightly placed. Action sequences in the film are written and shot beautifully.

Tevar is a short uncomplicated story that has very long scenes increasing the duration of the film. Yet the editing of the film looks perfect just one slow song before climax could have been trimmed. Considering the first half climax deserved to be much better. Tevar needs to be watched for Amit Sharma’s genuine efforts to make this film, background score and performances especially Manoj Bajpayee. Better climax would have lead to a better rating.

Rating: 2.25/5


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