Om Raut had a different and unique vision to tell the story of Lokamnya Tilak via cinema. He took full liberty of this medium and wrote a story in which he incorporated the life of Tilak. Sounds very weird but it is true. There is no second thought about the film being based on the life of Tilak but Om selected to go the other way round by telling the story in such a way that makes today’s generation aware about Tilak. Film has a dialogue that says; the current generation might be last generation to know about Tilak. This clearly explain the point of view of Om Raut behind making this film in such a manner that spoils the movie watching experience of the viewer.

Along with Tilak, film has a parallel track of Chinmay Mandlekar and Priya Bapat which is completely unnecessary. Chinmay is reading a book about Tilak and the incidents happen accordingly. A powerful scene in the film is spoiled when Chinmay and Priya appear on screen when not needed. No doubt both of them are great actors and performed well in this one too but all blame goes on Om Raut for wasting this talent. This entire portion of the film could been replaced by a strong narration in the end like there is one during opening credits. Subodh Bhave leaves you speechless with his performance. His study to play this role is clearly visible. His dialogue delivery, expressions and portrayal of Tilak’s opinions is outstanding. Many places in the film you can not differentiate between Subodh and Tilak about whom we read in our History text-books. These scenes are the highlights of the film. More than Om, it is Subodh who takes this film to an altogether different level leaving you stunned. His performance is applaud worthy. Production Design of the film is very good. Pre-independance era is well created without creating any questions for the audience. Om as an director was disappointing but somehow manages to inspire the youth with the film. The film was average as a script. If Chinmay and Priya’s track is deleted the film will become much better. Music of the film is very good especially the Shankar Mahadevan’s song is fantastic.

My review till here must have conveyed how much I hated the presence of my favorite actors; Chinmay and Priya in this film. Subodh Bhave rocked in this one. If the film had only and only Tilak it would have been one more Marathi film for the industry to be proud of. Om’s disappointing execution about wonderful personality makes this film just an average fare. The film needs to be watched once just to know Tilak as a person which was never told by our school text-books and for Subodh Bhave’s power packed performance.

Rating: 2.5/5


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