Happy Ending, most often used word to describe climax of films. Raj and DK have managed to make an out an out entertaining film with this title. Firstly comparing Happy Ending to other Bollywood films or categorizing in a particular genre is pointless. Happy Ending is fun, light hearted, feel good film made just to entertain you and act as small stress reliever in your busy life.

Raj and DK, like always have hit the right chord when it comes to making a youth oriented film. The director’s take on relationship among youth is perfectly portrayed and Saif’s performance just makes everything more lively. Films narrative is very good and keeps gou engaged throughout, towards the end typical Hindi film cliches does spoil the film for a bit but director duo have managed to kepp all of that short. Happy Ending works for one more reason is the relativity of correct audience with the film. Everyone from teenagers to all the people young at heart will enjoy the film. (Just didn’t want to sound ageist) Performance wise Saif Ali Khan is the star of the film. His performance as Yogi will just surprise you. Saif as Yudi is just like he is in his other films. Ileana D’Cruz is surprisingly good. She is bold and comparatively better than her previous film. Her performance is somewhere close to Brafi. Kalki Koechlin is the surprise package of the film. As an annoying girlfriend she perfectly fits he bill. Her performance is applause worthy. Ranvir Shorey is good, special appearances by Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor are very good. Govinda is a question mark in the film. He has countable scenes in the film. The good ones are already shown in promos rest all are overshadowed by other actors. He should seriously reconsider about coming back in films. Music of the film is noteworthy. Even though not the entire album make it to the filmbut even those two lines make a difference to the film. Sachin-Jigar compositions are very good. Editing was perfect. But climax could have been more longer.

Overall Happy Ending is a perfect weekend watch. Worth your time and money. This one is highly entertaining, feel good light hearted and funny film. This one is absolutely recommended.



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