Shaad Ali has come up with the most confusing story in Kill Dil. Throughout the film you keep on questioning about every single thing in the film. Things just happen there is no start or end or reason behind any situation. The film has a very absurd narrative which has a very weak objective for it and the consequences of it are very lame. Narrative is spoiled by songs. Even though the songs are good, this bad film spoils them. Except Ranveer Singh no other character is sketched properly. The film is all about him but unfortunately poor storyline and weak direction makes Ranveer’s hard work go unnoticed. Shaad Ali looks helpless throughout the film and has taken a huge support of the music to save himself but he ends up in making the film look like a music video in major portions. In fact to ensure that every single song from the album is utilized there are places in the film where songs are placed back to back with barely a scene between them. Worst part of the film is its climax. Have never come across with such an abruptly ending film.

Every single thing about the filmis bad. Performances go unnoticed. Shaad Ali explains how to waste a supreme talent like Govinda. Bad characterization and monotonous scenes of him will disappoint everyone. Parineeti Chopra looked as if she was forced to do this film. Some sequences of her could be directed better by a maiden film making student. A regular moviegoer can make out which scene of Parineeti should have been okayed by Shaad. Too many scenes done half heartedly. In future Parineeti can proudly say that she regretted doing Kill Dil. Ali Zafar was decent in the film but lack of variation in his character did now give him a chance to perform well. Ranveer Singh is the star of the film and makes sure that his performance gets noticed even in a bad film like Kill Dil. Music was the best part of the film and kudos to Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, but unfortunately they do not help much in saving the film. Their background score was equally good but don’t improve the scene. If you watch the film in Dolby Atmos you will just enjoy the experience but not the film. Treatment of the film had to be good as it is Yash Raj Films but that also do not help the audience to entertain.

On the whole Kill Dil is a disappointing fare. Shaad Ali has not yet recovered from the state of shock that his previous debacle Jhoom Barabar Jhoom gave him. Kill Dil is slightly more bad version of JBJ. Shaad Ali should take one more sabbatical break and return with something like Saathiya or Bunty Aur Babli. Kill Dil is definitely worth missing and not at all recommended. My rating is just for the good music of the film.

Rating: 1/5


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