Remakes are risky in Bollywood as there is always a certainty that it will be compared to the original. The Shaukeens overcomes this risk successfully as Abhishek Sharma was sure what he wanted to deliver to his audience. The Shaukeens is more or less same to the original Shaukeen in terms of story, the recent one is tweaked slightly to cater to the current generation. The Shaukeens surprises you if you have seen Shaukeen and most importantly it entertains you every single minute.

Abhishek Sharma has made sure that The Shaukeens works for its performances, humour and audience engagement. Film does not have any major twists and turns but its humour keeps you engaged. Even if you don’t laugh at certain situations the cast of the film manages to keep a smile intact on your face. The primary castof the film; Anupam Kher, Anu Kapoor and Piyush Mishra shine in their performance. Lisa Haydon looks hot and also act well and make you look forward for ber movies post Queen. Surprise package of the film is Akshay Kumar who steals the show in least amount of screen time. Not being the lead he manages to overshadow every other actor in the film. Music of the film is good. Good combination of tracks in different genres from dance number to slow romantic track. Editing of the filmwas good. Cinematography was decent. Mauritius was beautifully captured.

Overall The Shaukeens is a good entertainment. Though Shaukeen was all about dirty minds of men, The Shaukeens does the same thing in a diluted manner. I recommend this one for its entertainment value and Akshay Kumar.

Rating: 3/5


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