Farah Khan is back and this time definitely with a bang. Watch the trailer for the story of the film. Farah Khan is unbeatable when it comes to making films which are senseless but highly entertaining. Happy New Year is nothing but just entertainment. I agree with all of them who hated the trailer of the film and were in two minds about the film, the film will surprise you. Happy New Year has everything be it romance, action, drama and lots of comedy. First half of the film will maintain a smile on your face throughout. Second half becomes bit serious but don’t worry the dose of entertainment is not missed for a single second.

Deepika Padukone is the scene stealer in the film. She comes in the second hour of the film and delivers a power packed performance. Her acting and accent are just outstanding, she is one of the biggest factor of the humor in the film. If not an award she at least deserves a nomination in every awards function next year. Second best in the performances is Abhishe Bachchan. His tapoori attitude is simply awesome and always makes you laugh. Abhishek is just too good. Boman good as always but nothing exceptional. Sonu Sood just looks and average performance. Vivaan Shah is good but not too much of scope for him in the film. Jackie Shroff is decent in the film and so is Anupam Kher in a special appearance. Farah Khan, the captain of this ship has manages to sail smoothly. Her direction was good but her intention of making nothing but just an entertaining film was very good. Even though the film is exactly three hours you are not bored for a single minute so no point questioning the editing. Vishal-Shekhar compositions are very good. Every song has the potential to enter the music charts.

Overall Happy New Year is made for everybody. Even if you do not like Bollywood films, watch this one and understand what a typical song and dance Bollywood film is, you will start liking Bollywood. If you enjoyed Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om then you will definitely enjoy Happy New Year. I recommend this one. Go and just get entertained. Farah Khan proves she is best at doing this.

Rating: 3/5


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