Tamanchey is just a trial attempt made by Navneet Behal to enter Bollywood. Tamanchey offers nothing in terms of script or the performances or the music. Same old love story set against the backdrop of drug dealing. The film has its good moments but it does not help in making the film unpredictable. After first twenty minutes one can predict the film till climax. Interval point is so bland that the interest level for second half just drops. Film is set in the rural parts of north-east India but unfortunately the beauty of that region is not at all captured by the cinematographer. The film just roams in the lanes, half build houses, paan beedi shops etc.

Performances of Nikhil Dwivedi and Richa Chadda are nothing but ordinary. Both of them play small town people with typical accent which both of them played well. Music by Krsna is one of the few good things in the film. Even though there are excess songs in the films Krsna has composed some good melodies which made the film look slightly better. Editing is another good part of the film. Film being predictable is to the point with no unnecessary sequences and songs. Navneet Behal’s direction is nothing but a learning experience for himself just to make better films in future.

Tamanchey is nothing exceptional as it lacks innovation in the plot and treatment of the film. Watch it, don’t watch it one and the same thing.

Rating: 2/5


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