Vishal Bhardwaj completes his Shakespearean trilogy with Haider. Like Maqbool and Omkara, Haider too is pitch perfect. Bhardwaj’s magical execution to the story and his treatment of the film is sheer brilliance. Haider does not fall short of anything to make it to a wonderful cinema. The film has an engaging plot, performances of every single actor in the film is par excellence, music may not be a chart-buster one but definitely something that can be enjoyed by everyone.Haider keeps you glued to your seats for many reasons:
1. Performances. Shahid Kapoor has undoubtedly delivered the best performance of his career. First half of the film Shahid is good, post interval he takes you on a joyride with his performance. He makes you laugh and applaud for his every single scene. Tabu has killed it with this one. She may not be the lead but her performance just leaves you speechless. She just steals the show with her killer performance. Kay Kay Menon, Irrfan Khan are superb as always. Shraddha Kapoor was good because she did something different from her other films, all thanks to Vishal Bhardwaj. Narendra Jha as Haider’s father and both the Salmans as Haider’s friends adds intensity and humor in the film. Performances is one of the highlight of the film.

2. Vishal Bhardwaj’s composition is simply outstanding. Album of Haider is a perfect Bollywood album with songs in all genre and offers something for everyone. Background score of the film is one of the major factor to keep the audience engaged throughout the film. Like music Vishal Bhardwaj has done a spectacular job with background score as well. At times it scares you in intense scenes, and brings a smile on your face when you hear Salman Khan’s popular romantic numbers. Gulzar’s lyrics are nothing less than a poetry that everyone would love to listen.

3. Treatment of the film is worth applauding. The way film is set in Kashmir and the backdrop of difficulties faced by people of Kashmir during 90’s is beautifully incorporated in the film. Every single shot in the film is breath taking be it long shot of valleys or shots where production design of the film is very prominent. Costumes of the film needs special mention. Very well researched by the costume design team. Editing of the film is dicey, every single scene is too long due to which the pace of the film is very slow. Performances and background score of the film makes it up for slightly weak editing. Film like Haider is not made everyday. The film is undoubtedly made for a niche audience but it does have touch of a typical commercial Bollywood film with good amount of drama, song and dance. This one is not to be missed at any cost. Difficult to find flaws in Haider. This one is highly recommended.

Rating: 4.5/5


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