Bang Bang is a senseless remake of Hollywood film Knight and Day. Everyone who saw Knight and Day will be highly disappointed by this Hrithik Roshan-Katrina Kaif Indian version. Bang Bang has a very weak storyline which leads to bad screenplay making this film a complete bore. First few minutes of the film makes you question yourself whether you are watching the right film or no. Hrithik Roshan’s entry ensures that you are watching Bang Bang. Film has more minuses and very little plusses.
Film is very predictable and fails big time to engage you throughout the film. The film is so uninteresting that you are not concerned what happens next. Things just keep on happening and since you have paid for the ticket, with no option you have to watch the film.
Action is lacking in the film. Promoted as an action film, Bang Bang has very few action scenes. Being a Hollywood remake the action in the film does not even manage to create Hollywood style action. Bang Bang has more timepass and less of bullets and car explosions. If you are expecting amazing action from this one please stay away from this one.
Bang Bang is unnecessarily long. Majority of the film has nothing to do with the main plot that is diamond robbery. Love story in the film is not at all prominent. Director is confused whether he is making love story with diamond robbery as a backdrop or he his telling a story of revenge that makes a boy find his true love.

Music is the saving grace of the film. Even though the songs increase the runtime of the film, they entertain you for those few minutes. Vishal-Shekhar has done an outstanding job with the music. All the songs are beautifully composed and well sung. Thumbs up to the misic of Bang Bang.
Hrithik Roshan is the second and the last good thing in Bang Bang. His performance is neither exceptional nor has he done something out of the box in the film. Its just his charm and personality that make him and his character look good. All his fans are in for a treat with this film.

Overall Bang Bang is only style and no substance. It works for its music and Hrithik. Katrina Kaif is not worth mentioning so better not write anything about her. Hrithik fans can watch it just for him or else Bang Bang can be easily missed. Not worth your time and money. Rating just because of the two plus factors of the film.

Rating: 2/5


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