Homi Adajania back to his roots to make an actual off-beat film. Finding Fanny is one of its kind Bollywood film. Firstly its language then its ensemble casting and then the treatment of the film. Finding Fanny has a very subtle storyline with no twists and turns yet entertain you thoroughly. Reasons being:
Performance of every single actor.Dimple Kapadia like always proves that she is a robust actor and no role is difficult for her. She is just flawless. Naseeruddin Shah and Pankaj Kapur play their parts perfect to the T. They are as good as Dimple. First timer in such film Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor surprise you with their performance. Its different from what they do in their other films.
Homi Adajania’s concept of creating this fictitious world of Pokoli and the characters in that place is worth appraising. He just creates an impressive frame in every single shot.
The limited humor in the film makes you hold your stomach and laugh as if there cannot be anything funny than this. The sequence where Pankaj Kapur is making Dimple Kapadia’s portrait is hilarious.
Gripping editing and limited music in the film is just a plus point of the film that makes the film even more better.

Overall Finding Fanny is a brilliant attempt made in Bollywood. The film needs to be watched irrespective of how good/bad the film is or whether you like/don’t like watching such films, because not everyday or everyone in Bollywood makes such film. Film is a feel good film with pure 100 minutes entertainment. Double thumbs up for Homi Adajania.

Rating: 3/5


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