Creature is a perfect example of innovation gone terribly wrong. Vikram Bhatt attempted to make a different film in horror genre but unfortunately the creature in the film which is the ugliest creature on the planet fails to scare you. Weak storyline, bad music, poor performances and boring direction of the film makes Creature a sure shot miss. The film has nothing to offer. Start to end the film is predictable, serious moments in the film turn out to be hilarious ones. Bipasha Basu seemed to have lived a nightmare with this film as it is difficult to make whether she is acting or just living her life while the camera is rolling. Newcomer Imraan Abbas had no scope to perform so he was completely avoided in the film. The VFX of the film is below average.

Overall the film is so bad that there is nothing to noteworthy to mention. Creature is not at all recommended.

Rating: 1/5


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