Biopic has become a safe play in Bollywood. Omung Kumar has chosen a good story to tell but his execution is nothing different. The film looked like any other biopic where flashbacks and present is beautifully merged making the movie more engaging. Mary Kom works for many factors:

Priyanka Chopra’s performance leaves you speechless. After an National Award winning performance, such performance is an easy task but her hard work to play a boxer is clearly visible on screen. She makes you fall in love with her performance. Darshan Kumaar gives a powerful performance. He has the potential to make the directors approach him only for meaningful role. His has proved himself as an actor with his performance.

Editing of the film is noteworthy. Being a biopic the film is just 120 minutes. Even though the film has enough content the editor manages to maintain the pace of the film. Very few montage and robust scenes make the film more enjoyable. Every single song beautifully takes the story forward.

Omung has kept the look and feel of the film very realistic. He does not gives you a chance to question on a single sequence apart from the climax scene. His direction decently portrays every single moment lived by Mary Kom. The film does not look fictional at all obviously apart from climax.

Priyanka giving such a brilliant performance makes you remind of her earlier beautiful performances. Omung’s direction remind you of bunch of other films. Yet Mary Kom entertains you to the T. It does not give you the chance to not like it.The film is highly recommended for Priyanka Chopra’s performance and Omung Kumar’s vision of telling this story to the world.

Rating: 3.5/5


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