Raja Natwarlal is smartly helmed by Kunal Deshmukh. The film will have its share of audience irrespective of the critics reviews and word of mouth. Emraan Hashmi fans are in for a treat with Raja Natwarlal. He is the star of the film and the film needs to be watched once just for him and its a must watch for his loyal fans.

Raja Natwarlal is a film about a conman. This one liner is enough as the story of the film. Raja Natwarlal is no different from any other con film previously made in Bollywood. The film is completely predictable. Emraan Hashmi shines in his performance. Nothing extraordinary but just did what he does best. Humaima Malick is beautiful and a decent actress. Veterans Paresh Rawal and Kay Kay Menon are unfortunately slightly overshadowed by Hashmi but both gave an impacting performance. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s composition is good and his songs are just good addition in the film. Editing of the film becomes crisp post initial twenty minutes. Editing is one of the reason, that makes you sit throughout the film. Lastly one cannot forget to mention Kunal Deshmukh who has managed to entertain you with a story that’s seen by almost everyone who has been watching Bollywood films for past few years. Well done Mr. Deshmukh.

Raja Natwarlal is predictable yet enjoyable and does not bore you even for a minute. The film offers nothing new still you are curious throughout the film. Its nothing but smart handling of simple concept by Kunal Deshmukh. This one is just a timepass fare worth your time.

Rating: 3/5


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