Mardaani proves, there is nothing that Rani Mukherji cannot do. She has managed to carry the entire film on her shoulders with tremendous support from Pradeep Sarkar. After Parineeta, Pradeep Sarkar takes you to world of harsh reality which a common man might have not seen in his wildest dreams. The film is nothing less than an entertaining yet hard hitting cinema, but has its good and bad parts.

Mardaani is based on true events. The film tried it’s best but the treatment of the film is just toned down and made simple compared to other Yash Raj Films but it is slightly far from reality. Chase sequences do keep you on the edge of your seats but they are designed like any other chase sequences. Production Design of the film must be first of its kind for the banner, kept it as simple as possible. It will take few more films for the banner to attain perfection.

Mardaani is thrilling enough to keep you engaged throughout the film along with providing you wholesome entertainment sans song and dance and that’s an achievement in itself for Pradeep Sarkar. Right from the first frame of the film you are curious to know what next. Most thrilling part about Mardaani is that the antagonist is always a step ahead of Rani Mukherji no matter how difficult the situation or how strong is the planning of Rani. Something very different in a Bollywood film.

Rani Mukherji has undoubtedly delivered one of the best performance of her career. Her hard work is clearly visible on screen. She has easily got into the character of Shivani Shivaji Roy. She is a tough cop, a doting aunt and a supportive wife. All the other characters were equally good and just improves the film.

To be precise Mardaani is a diluted version of Nagesh Kukunoor’s stunning film Lakshmi, both the films deal with child trafficking. Mardaani needs to be watched for Rani’s brilliant performance and genuine effort of the makers who provides you a film that is entertaining and portrays an unseen side of the society about which you always hear and never see. Mardaani is absolutely recommended.

Rating: 3.5/5


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