Singham is back with a bang and this time his roar is slightly louder. The time the story is written by Rohit Shetty himself. Irrespective of how good or bad the story is, Rohit Shetty needs to be appreciated for coming up with story. Singham Returns is high on entertainment, so high that it lets you forget everything else. The film starts with a bang and packs a solid punch with its supremely entertaining first half. You are so engrossed in the movie, that there is no time to look or think left, right and center. Amazing action sequences, plenty humorous sequences topped with stunning performance of Ajay Devgn and adorable Kareena Kapoor makes the first half of Singham Returns flawless. You do not realize the time and by the time it’s interval it feels as if movie started just now. Second half dips badly making you restless in some portions. Second half if very much contradicting the first half of the film. It has some very good scenes but falls short of entertainment that first half provided. The film gives you enough opportunities to clap and whistle. First half being so good and the second one being average, Rohit Shetty has smartly handled this bland script and made an entertaining film. He deserves an applaud for his effort.

Singham Returns is all about Ajay Devgn and he has delivered a power packed performance in this one. No matter what, Singham Returns needs to be watched once just for Ajay Devgn. Kareena Kapoor is surprisingly good in the film. Her funny sequences make you laugh like a joker and her character is simply adorable. Amol Gupte is a surprise package, but unfortunately no villain can be as good as Prakash Raj. Music of the film is best ignored. Rohit Shetty has captured Mumbai beautifully rather innovatively. So many locations one could not think of shooting a film. Even some small shots of few seconds are captured beautifully. Perfect first half and average second half does not stop you from watching Singham Returns. This one is highly recommended for Ajay Devgn and as Rohit Shetty’s massy entertainer. This one is as good as the first one so better watch it.

Rating: 3.25/5


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